Reliable Car Wreckers in Sandgate

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    Reliable Car Wreckers in Sandgate

    Sandgate leaders in used spare parts and auto recycling 

    Looking for a specific spare part? Well you are in the right place. Cardiff Auto Wreckers is the No.1 auto services provider in Sandgate and can help you out with a number of services. 

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    Specialised Auto Services in Sandgate 


    We have been in the auto business since 1969 and our decades of experience in the field enable us to design and customise all our services to suit the customer at hand.

    Our signature services include:


    Massive Inventory of Spare Parts 


    One of our most beloved and frequented services is our extensive collection of spare parts. We have been servicing the Sandgate region since 1969, we have built an extensive network of suppliers who we get in touch with to source the exact part you need when you need it. As the No.1 car wrecker in the Sandgate region, we also go through the process of disposing of a number of cars throughout the year. This allows us to find and salvage OE parts for you, we do this through a rigorous testing and certifying process. All the parts you buy from us also come with a three-month warranty so you can be assured of the quality. 

    We are chosen time and again for:


    You can find parts for brands including: 


    You can enquire with us for engines, clutches, front axles, tires, rims, rear doors, hoods, windows, seat belts, mouldings, fuel caps, on-board computers, car upholstery, luggage racks, pedals, air conditioners, valve covers, camshafts and more. Our friendly team of experts will also advise you on what is best and help you with finding the right part for you.


    Advanced Wrecking Services in Sandgate 


    What is equally in demand is our eco-friendly wrecking services. When it comes to old cars, finding a responsible way can pose quite a hurdle. You can put those worries to rest now because we have designed our wrecking process to be as socially responsible as possible. A large part of this lies in salvaging all that can be and recycling it to extensively reduce wastage. We also make a huge effort to invest in the latest advancements in technology to ensure the process is as clean and green as can be.


    We can wreck cars that are: 


    Our wrecking services are:


    Our customers are our first priority, which is why all our services will be tailored to suit your very specific needs. We accept all kinds of makes and models and once you make the call to us, we will take care of the rest in a speedy and convenient manner. The customer service team is highly trained and happy to help you out with any queries or concerns you may have.


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