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    Finding the right Nissan parts can be a long quest. Specific parts might be hard to come by and expensive at the same time. With Cardiff Auto Wreckers,  Via Parts Finder you can place a request with a few clicks for, for example, Nissan Qashqai parts, Nissan Micra parts, Nissan Patrol parts and Nissan Pixo parts.

    You can submit a request for almost all Nissan models: 0249549466

    Thanks to our modern stock system, we quickly have up-to-date information about all available parts. This allows us to immediately provide you with information regarding availability, year of manufacture, mileage, prices, etc.

    The best used Nissan car part parts can be found at Cardiff Auto Wreckers. All parts come directly from Nissan cars that we scrap. By purchasing parts for your Nissan auto part through Cardiff Auto Wreckers, you save up to 60 percent compared to brand new parts. Enter your license plate number and find out which parts are available for your car.

    Used Auto Spare Parts For Your Nissan

    Would you like to replace your damaged or broken Nissan parts yourself and do you not want to lose your claim with insurance? Cardiff Auto Wrecker has been a reliable address for your first-class used Nissan parts for years. As a Nissan Wreckers, we can provide you with a Nissan part for any model regardless it is an engine part or cosmetic part.

    Second Hand Used Auto Parts For All Nissan Models:

    Whether you go for new or second-hand parts is of course up to you to decide. When your Nissan is no longer brand new or when you do not have that much budget, you can opt for used parts.

    We offer high quality used parts a lot cheaper than new parts and when you buy them and have them installed by our qualified mechanics, you can drive your Nissan safely for a long time again. We offer warranty both on our spare parts and workmanship. Used parts are many times cheaper than new parts at the dealer. With used parts you save more than half compared to the new price.

    What do we offer you?

    Nissan is known for its durable quality. Nissan last for years, you can drive them for years without having to worry about major issues. However, at some point, you will need certain spare parts. In this case, Cardiff Auto Wreckers in Newcastle will be your address for Nissan Wreckers.

    Our friendly team will ensure you receive the right part. We specialize in sourcing those hard-to-find parts. As a licensed wrecking yard and second-hand dealer, we have a huge inventory of spare parts to choose from. From Australia’s favorite cars to unique Japanese imports, we have experience with a host of manufacturers and this puts us miles ahead of the competition.

    Pay us a visit today and benefit from more than 40 years of spare parts knowledge. We also offer cash for car service across Newcastle any make or model.

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