Find Spare Parts From Auto Wrecking yard

Posted on 28th, Sep 20

There is a point in time where you need to replace some parts of your car whether it is an engine part that is crucial or simple a cosmetic part such as a side mirror or a broken headlight bulb.  It is natural for any car to have wear and tear over the years.

Add to that occasional damage, failure or malfunction that are also expected. Anytime one of these happens, you will have to look for replacement parts as one should.

That’s when the dilemma starts; where to find old car parts? Should you get expensive new parts to have a peace of mind or cheaper used parts from an auto wrecker? In many situations the answer is an auto wrecker.

For example, old collectable cars will require parts that are not widely available or not anymore produced. There is also the fact that most drivers are not pleased to pay huge amounts for new parts. Another reason why car owners might prefer auto wreckers is that the dealer tells you to wait for a week or two as they place the order which may take up to a couple of months depending on the availability.

It is in times like these when you may choose to go with an car wrecker to find old parts. “Where can I find old parts” will lead you to cheaper prices and immediate availability. You can look for answers towards the used auto parts direction.

There is no reason why you should not save yourself some dollars by going for used auto parts. Unless it is very crucial that the replacement part must be new, auto wreckers are the way to go.

Where can I find old parts?

It may be confusing when first looking for used car parts. There is no need to worry, here is the answer for “where can I find old parts”:

  1. Asking around in the group of other drivers of the same model

If you are looking for used spare parts for a specific car, you may join the group of the drivers with the same model. There are usually Facebook groups for this purpose where people sell/swap car parts of similar models. Although it is not the quickest option to find an old part, it may be cheaper than other options. In Australia, most cars have such groups that may be of help.

  1. Online sellers

Platforms such as eBay or Facebook’s Marketplace can be used as a search engine for old car parts. This is a better option if you don’t want to join groups and ask around. With a more direct search, you can find the part quicker.

  1. Auto Wreckers

Auto wreckers are where most cars end up parted out. They have stock of thousands of car parts and it is very likely that you can find the part you are looking for instantly and at an affordable price.

What are the advantages of secondhand car parts?

There are many advantages to using old spare parts. Low prices aren’t the only attractive thing about used car parts. Here is why you should find spare parts from an auto wrecking yard.

  1. Cost-effective

For what they cost, used spare parts are very effective. Those parts are taken out from cars that are no longer driven on the roads. They practically have no difference from new parts.

Especially for old cars and cars with high mileage, used car parts make more sense. If the car is brand new and still has warranty, new parts would be more fitting. The more economical option would be to find used but undamaged parts.

New auto parts are generally expensive and the chances of them breaking down or being faulty is the same as used parts since they are made in the same factory. You could fix your issue with a used car part that has a lower price tag.

  1. Reliability

If you think used car parts aren’t reliable, you are very much mistaken. Well, second hand auto parts are sourced from genuine cars. As long as the part has no physical damage, it is good to go.  Most parts are refurbished at auto wreckers and quality checked.

  1. Availability

“Where can I find old parts” is now easy with wide availability of auto wreckers such as Cardiff Auto Wrecker. A renowned auto wrecker will have thousands of car parts for every make and model. Even if the part in question is not in stock, auto wreckers can source parts very quickly, much more timely than dealerships.

  1. Buying used car parts is eco-friendly

When you opt to used car parts, you save on raw materials and resources such as steel, iron, and electricity which translates to a healthier environment. It may not seem like much of a contribution but it is another incentive. You can also sell old parts from your own car.

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